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Woodforest National Bank Complete Online Banking Guide

About Woodforest National Bank

Woodforest National Bank is a leading private financial service bank which is located in the United States. The Woodforest National Bank started its financial services in1980 and the Woodforest national bank was founded by James Dreibelbis. The Woodforest National Bank successfully lent 40-year services.

Woodforest National Bank has more than 750 branches in the various parts of the United States like Texas, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Alabama, Kentucky, South Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, and Illinois.

Some of the branches in the Woodforest National Bank will work for 364 days a year without any holiday. The Woodforest National Bank has more than 5,000 employees in its branches.  The customers can find more Woodforest National Bank branches inside the retail store.

The Woodforest National Bank is one of the retail partners of Walmart’s, Sam’s Club, and Kroger stores. Woodforest National Bank also sponsors various things like Woodlands Trade Center, Woodforest Charitable Foundation, and some sports events like Tomball Dash, etc.

Note: The Woodforest National Bank users can reach the Woodforest National Bank website or Credit One Bank homepage through this one www.woodforest.com.

Simple Steps For Woodforest National Bank Login

Everyone may be aware that Online Banking is one of the important services which is provided by every bank. With the help of an Online Banking service each and every customer is able to check their balances, debts, make transactions, and pay off bills & recharge from your device simply by logging into your Woodforest National Bank accounts.

Step1: To Login your Woodforest National bank online account first you should reach the  Woodforest National Bank Homepage. 

Step2: In that top left corner home page you can find the “ Online Banking Login” option and login to your account, please click on the Login button.

You can this page on your device screen 

Wood Forest National Bank Login

Step3: Then fill in your unique Username and User password for your Woodforest National Bank online account.   

Step4: Finally, click on the “Login” button. Then within a few seconds, you are able to access your Woodforest National Bank Online account. 

Note: For the security purpose Woodforest National Bank always requests every customer to not share their personal user ID and User Password with anyone in any situation.

Simple Steps For Resetting User Password Woodforest National Bank Online Mobile Banking.

Step1: Reach the Woodforest National Bank official website, and then move on to the Login page.

Wood Forest National Bank Reset Password

Step2: On the Login page, please click on the “Forget Your Password” button and you will move to the password reset page. 

Step3: Then on the password reset page, fill in your Online Banking Username and click the “Continue” button. 

Step4: Within a few seconds your new password will be sent to your registered email address and now you log in to your Woodforest National Bank account with the help of a new user password.

Routing Number

Woodforest National Bank’s routing number is 314972853. This routing number refers to the financial institution, and you can find the routing number on the bottom of checks. Usually, the routing numbers are referenced while doing automatic transfers, direct deposits, etc.

Note: if you have any issues, and clarification during your process your contact Woodforest National Bank using this Toll-free number 1-877-968-7962 or 832-375-2000 (Houston Number). Also, you can use the “Live Chat” features to clear off your doubts.

Identification Document Accepted For Enrolling the Woodforest National Bank(Anyone one document is required)

  1. Document1: Social Security Number (SSN Number). 
  2. Document2: State Identification Card.
  3. Document3: Driver’s License.
  4. Document4: Passport.
  5. Document5: Matricula Card.
  6. Document6: Military Identification Card.

Simple Steps For Enrolling the Woodforest National Bank Online Banking

Step1: At first, Go to the Woodforest National Bank official website 

Step2:  In the top left corner of the homepage you find the “Enroll” option. To start your online banking enrolling process you have to click on the “Enroll ” button.

You may be able to see this Woodforest National Bank Enrollment page on your device screen like this.

Wood Forest National Bank Online Enrollment

Step3:  On the next page, you have to choose your identification type ( Eg: Social Security Number). And, then fill in the identification number of your document.

Step4: Then choose your verification type. You can verify your account either by using the “Woodforest account number or debit card number”, or “Welcome Token “. 

Step5: Finally, fill in your Bank Account number or Debit Card number,  Security Questions, and Date of Birth. Then click on the “Continue Button

Note: While applying or enrolling all your details to enrolling please verify and re-check the details correctly before submitting. If any Fake ID,s found it may lead you to severe acquisition.

Woodforest National Bank Accounts

Checking Account:

A Checking Account is an account that helps those who are making frequent transactions, and Checking Account has only few restrictions on funding. For the Checking Account mostly the Bank will not pay interest on your money.

Important Feature:

  • For opening this account the customer needs to deposit $25(Minimum) on your account.
  • Debit cards are available with the accounts.
  • For your security, you can insurance your bank accounts.
  • The Woodforest bank will cost maintenance fees of your account.

Savings Account:

A Saving Account is generally called a long-term account, and Saving Account will be very useful for those who save money for the future. The Bank will pay low interest on your money. Also, the Saving Account has many restrictions.

Important Feature:

  • For opening this account the customer needs to deposit $500(Minimum) on your account.
  • Debit cards are available with savings accounts.
  • Also, you can insurance your accounts.
  • No maintenance fees of your savings account.

Woodforest National Bank Credit Cards

Woodforest National Bank Credit Card

Woodforest National Bank Personal Credit Card

Woodforest National Bank personal Credit Card is designed for normal people who use credit cards for their daily needs. Basically, this personal credit card is designed for people’s lifestyles. Also, With this Personal Credit Card, you can earn more rewards and cashback based on your purchase.

Woodforest National Bank Business Credit Card

Woodforest National Bank Business Credit Card is designed for business people and these business cards can be used worldwide. With this Business Credit Card, you do purchases frequently without any restriction. Also, You can earn more rewards and cashback based on their purchase.

 Note:  Woodforest National Bank will work on: “Monday –  Saturday” (from 8 A.M to 5 P.M Central Time Zone)& “Sunday ” ( Bank will remain closed). Anyway, Woodforest National Bank’s online services will be available on all of your days(24 X 7).

Woodforest National Bank Reviews 

 Positive Things of Woodforest National Bank 

  • Get cashback rewards on your purchases.
  • No transaction fees on your money.
  • Woodforest online banking helps users with the easy transfer.
  • The customer can pay your bills by scheduling.
  • The Woodforest bank has more ATM machines in the city.
  • Anyone can open a bank account without any restriction.
  • Your transaction statement and credit card history will be highly secured.
  • This Woodforest national bank has many branches.
  • You can easily contact your bank for any doubts.
  • Customers can deposit their money using mobile.

 Demerits of Woodforest National Bank

  • Very low interest for your deposited money.
  • Extra fee charged on withdrawing money from a third-party machine.
  • Sometimes the response rate will be low.
  • The Woodforest bank will cost maintenance fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Are there any extra charges for Woodforest online mobile banking?

No, the Woodforest National Bank will not cost any extra charges for online and mobile banking.

2.Can we pay our bills through online banking?

Yes, Of course, you can pay any type of bill with the help of online and mobile banking.

3.List out important documents required to enroll in online banking?

Social Security Number or Passport, etc are the important document requirements for enrolling in online banking.

4.What are the steps to activate my debit or credit card?

  • Go to the nearest ATM and insert your card (Woodforest ATM If Available)
  • Enter your Personal identification number (PIN number).
  • Then activate your card by doing any activity like withdrawing money, balance inquiry or transaction, etc. 
  • Also, you can activate your debit or credit card by using the online banking

5.What should I do if my Woodforest credit or debit card is stolen?

Once you come to know that your Woodforest credit or debit card is stolen, please contact the Woodforest national bank immediately. They will set your card or debit card off.

6.Is it possible to deposit money using mobile?

Yes, Since the Woodforest national bank has the mobile deposit functionality, so you can deposit your money by sending the picture of your cheque to the Woodforest national bank 

using your mobile.

7.What are the types of accounts available in Woodforest National Bank?

There are six types of accounts available in capital one bank

  • Checking account
  • Saving account
  • Mortgage account
  • Loan accounts(Personal, Auto,)
  • CDs account
  • Credit card account

The Official Website, And Mobile Application To Reach Woodforest National Bank Directly.

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