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Consumer Loans

...Illinois Community Bank customers choose from a variety of repayment options when borrowing to fulfill their dreams. Each loan is tailored to fit the individuals needs. Whether you're buying a car, planning home improvements, or taking that well-deserved vacation, Illinois Community Bank can help you reach your financial goals with a consumer loan. You'll find varying terms as well as competitive interest rates. Stop by either of our locations to learn more about the best loan for you. Access our on line payment calculator


Helpful Links

Edmunds Car Guide: Valuable information when your shopping for a vehicle.


Home Equity Line of Credit

...Illinois Community Bank Prime Line Home Equity Loan is based on the amount of equity you have in your home. The more equity you have, the more you can be eligible to borrow. Once you establish your line of credit, you draw on it as you need-for education, home improvements, medical emergencies, major repairs, vacations, practically any major purchase. It's as easy as writing a check. Home equity credit combines repayment flexibility with potential tax-deductible interest, making this one of the least expensive forms of consumer credit. Access our on line payment calculator


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...This is a personal line of credit linked directly to your checking account. Advances are made automatically to prevent your account from being overdrawn unexpectedly, or you can use the preapproved line of credit as the need arises by simply writing a check for the available credit on your line.





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