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Illinois Community Bank is an Illinois state chartered commercial bank with two offices located in Effingham and Toledo, Illinois. Illinois Community Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of Illinois Community Bancorp, Inc., a Holding Company incorporated February 20, 1996.

Formerly a state chartered savings and loan association, Illinois Guarantee Savings and Loan was founded in 1893. In February 1990, Illinois Guarantee converted from a savings and loan association to a federally chartered savings bank. It has been a member of the Federal Home Loan Bank ("FHLB") of Chicago since 1947, with its deposits federally insured since 1959. The bank consummated conversion from mutual to stock ownership on September 28, 1995.

Illinois Community Bank's business strategy is to operate as a well capitalized, profitable, and independent community bank, dedicated to attracting deposits from the general public, and putting those deposits to work in the financing of small businesses, loans for acquisition of commercial real estate, home ownership, and consumer goods.

Gerald E. Ludwig was appointed Chairman of the Board in April 1995. Other senior management includes: Roger D. Dotson, President and Chief Executive Officer; Ronald R. Schettler, Senior Vice-President.

Board of Directors

Gerald E. Ludwig, Chairman

Michael Sehy

Garret Andes

Fred Schaefer

Roger D. Dotson, President and Chief Executive Officer

Ronald R. Schettler


Member FDIC